Singing and Science

Looking at voice science from the practitioner’s viewpoint, Singing and Science: Body, Brain and Voice (second edition, 2014) is a comprehensive book for singers, teachers of singing, voice scientists, or speech-language pathologists working with singers who are interested in how the singing voice works and how to apply that knowledge in assisting performers.

Discussions on the role of the brain and mind in music and language, and in psychomotor learning and performance, are new to the second edition. … The book is well-referenced, and it provides practical summaries of current concepts and research as they relate to the performing voice. … It is a valuable addition to the literature.Journal of Voice, Vol. 29, No. 1, 2015

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Jean was one of the research team at Sydney University that brought together specific research into the use of visual feedback in the training of singers to develop the computer software Sing&See™. Sing&See™ converts vocal sound into visual displays showing different aspects of the voice (including pitch, timbre and loudness).

The manual, How to Sing and See, was written by Jean with Pat Wilson. Specially designed for teachers using, it is a comprehensive guide to using Sing&See™ in ways that will foster both vocal and musical development.

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