Sing&See™ converts vocal sound into visual displays showing different aspects of the voice (including pitch, timbre and loudness). Sing&See™ is an integrated system designed for musicians, that allows target sounds to be played on the inbuilt keyboard, enabling a singer to match these sounds, to hear the recorded sound played back, and simultaneously see displayed the different acoustic features of the vocal sound. Sing&See™ offers immediate, varied, appropriate feedback to meet the individual needs of each singer.

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How to Sing and See

The accompanying manual, How to Sing and See was written by Jean with Pat Wilson. Written by singing teachers for singing teachers, it is the product of the professional know-how and systematic investigation of the Callaghan-Wilson team. The authors have been teaching singing for many years in a range of classical and contemporary genres, both within tertiary training institutions and in private practice.

The manual explains how Sing&See™ visual feedback software can be used to enhance singing teaching in all styles and genres. The 284 pages cover explanations of the screen displays, exploration of some musical and vocal questions, and a comprehensive range of exercises so you can choose exercises to build a graded vocal and musical developmental program, or to answer specific needs of individual students, or to construct a practice regimen.

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