Workshops & Masterclasses

Vocal performance and pedagogy classes.

Jean used the language of belt and twang where appropriate for the musical theatre pieces. This was particularly useful for classically trained singers who now must know how to teach students in the contemporary style. Common language is essential in these sessions and Jean has that nailed through her academic research and her own teaching experience. – Di Spence, South Australia

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Individual lectures or courses of lectures on a range of musical and vocal topics.

The research Jean has put into the singing voice and how to teach it was exemplified in the content of this session. I was impressed with, and amazed by, her depth of knowledge on the subject of the teaching of singing. There is a commonsense component to what Jean said, as well as some points which a few may have found revolutionary. — Leanne Hoad, Singing Teacher, South Australia

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Singing Lessons

Expert assistance for singers preparing a new role (opera or music theatre), getting ready for an audition, or dealing with particular vocal problems.

Thank you for teaching me to have good posture (occasionally) and to put pressure on muscles most people don’t know exist. Oh, and to sing the same note going down as going up. Loudly. And nicely. Did I forget anything? Oh yes, not to conduct myself. I hope you always keep your healthy sense of humour and sense of fun – the best qualities in a good teacher. I always do enjoy my lessons… — 19-yr-old soprano, Sydney

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