Singing Lessons

Dr Jean Callaghan offers singing lessons to:

  • singers and actors who need help in mastering the vocal and musical demands of a particular role
  • performers needing expert help in audition preparation
  • professional singers needing expert advice on advanced vocal development, repertoire choice, and help with the challenges of singing in foreign languages (Italian, German, French and Italian)
  • music theatre performers who need an individually-tailored warm-up routine, expert advice on maintaining vocal health and stamina while performing eight shows a week, and technical development to deal with specific roles
  • performers recovering from illness or vocal damage
  • small ensembles wanting to develop vocal blend, word articulation, and maximum impact in a range of genres and styles.

Lessons are normally of one-hour duration.

Vocal Coaching for productions is also available.

It really was an eye-opener of a lesson, and Jean’s teaching will come in very useful

… that Rossini movement has been a challenge in the past, but with Jean’s help, although it felt rather unusual to sing it at first in the way that she got me to, it was extremely noticeable that however many times I had sung it by the end of the lesson, my throat felt completely relaxed, and as if it hadn’t been used at all. I would imagine that singing that solo that many times, in the way I had in the past, would have been a killer when succumbing to the old chin-jutting “technique”!

My sincere thanks to Jean for pointing me in the right direction. I remember [a friend] saying to me some time ago that she took singing lessons so that she would be steered away from bad habits, and prevent herself from forcing her voice; well, I think Jean has done that for me in one fell swoop! I hope that as many other people as possible took up the opportunity to have a lesson with Jean while she was here. Her advice will stay with me for a long time to come, and make singing even more of a joy!

— Professional singer, New Zealand

Just want to say THANK YOU for the lessons. You have solved problems that have been bugging me for the past 16 years. You are the best teacher that I have come across to date.
Professional Tenor, Singapore

Thank you for teaching me to have good posture (occasionally) and to put pressure on muscles most people don’t know exist. Oh, and to sing the same note going down as going up. Loudly. And nicely. Did I forget anything? Oh yes, not to conduct myself. I hope you always keep your healthy sense of humour and sense of fun – the best qualities in a good teacher. I always do enjoy my lessons, even when I spend some of them avoiding having my hair pulled or foot being stepped on, in the interests of … science.
19-yr-old student soprano, Sydney

Jean Callaghan is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She was able to spot every part of singing I was having trouble with and give me exercises to target them. As a result the pace in which I improved was astounding.
Thank you for everything.
Email from Katya Janssens, headed ‘An honest glowing review’