Workshops & Masterclasses

Dr Jean Callaghan is available to conduct workshops and master classes within Australia and internationally.

Vocal Performance

  • Vocal technique to meet musical demands
  • The singer’s text (acting the words and the music)
  • Performance confidence: techniques for memorisation, peak performance and maintaining vocal health
  • Master classes for a range of repertoire

Vocal Pedagogy

Stage 1

  • Body alignment and use
  • Breath management
  • Phonation
  • Registration and Range
  • Voice classification

Stage 2

  • Resonance and Articulation
  • Stages of vocal development
  • Designing a graded program of vocal development

Stage 3

  • Repertoire
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Supervised Teaching

Jean’s work has a historical, scientific, and practical basis. She has collated and evaluated the scientific literature, and combines this information with a thorough understanding of the history of singing and singing teaching. In combination with Jean’s practical understanding of singing from both the subjective and objective points of view, the two Masterclasses provided numerous examples of the twenty-minute miracle in which she demonstrated practical application of the information presented in lecture form.
– Susannah Foulds-Elliott, Victoria

Jean used the language of belt and twang where appropriate for the musical theatre pieces. This was particularly useful for classically trained singers who now must know how to teach students in the contemporary style. Common language is essential in these sessions and Jean has that nailed through her academic research and her own teaching experience.
– Di Spence, South Australia